Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

CHAP.2. Bpiflleto the Thcffaloniayts. VER .x. ( i 0 many great Seruants of G o D bane ffurrblcd at the Croire? fay thou with thy idle, if thy flreugth be more; ltis godthat fupports me, God onely pedaling his power in weaken elk. In our God: in fuch appropriating God to himfelfe, the propertie of faaáng faith deferues our notice : difcerning a particular interefl ?o the Couenant of Grace. So lob, u lily u 10619.15. redeemer lireeth, THOMAS. % My Lord and my god: x what eke, but this, purs difference in the point of belee- wing betwixt faith of Gods Children, and that of De- vils? Papills, fay; Charicie. But Charitie is not Faith, nor part of it; nay, a grace difparale from Faith in the point of beleeuingwee muff fee a difference; which is little, or none without particularitie. weft. They aske vs where is our word for fuch faith ? 11nfm. The Y Commandement to belecae, we haue euery where, y Mark.r.r 5: and what is all,is intended to euery particular. z mark.] 6. 6. Secondly, zpromifealfo propounded to all to be6eleeued f o r their parts, Thirdly,Sacraments particularizeth pro- mife,Fourthly, a t e f l i m o n i e o f Spirit giuen in euery Eleas a Ro .L i6. heart. Euidences our of which it arifeth to bee laboured for of all Gods Children. Fief+, Confidence in God through Chriff; and depen- dance on him,forall bleflings of this life, and that which is to come. Secondly, Propenfion cf the heart to new obedience. Of Paul: boldnejte, the frff helping caufe to the efficacy of his Miniff.rie thus farre. The next in order is his ìncerity, Y. VE-ASE