Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

,4,:Wai kr«PSS 108 I Cn At'.2. Expefrtiots vvantóie ae Fr2 V. rn Lu1¿. 16. 35. 2 nHeP.8.t7 ó "21at.1 3, to. p L!{k.LL.Zó. Oófer. r Phil4 13. faCor,3 5,6. tt Cor 4.7. bane nopleafrureinhim Wonderfull is the delicacie and tendcrnetre ofour nature, much giuera to cafe. But thus thinke:betrer here to haue paine,and there a' comfort; then to hue a t cafe, and after death to bee plunged into Hell torments, Secondly,Try hereby the truth of all Graces receiued, it is not for nothing,affli(ions are fo often called try al:. A man neuer knowes fo well what Grace flee hach or wants, as in afflidions. In dayes ofprolperitie, prophane Perfeans became levees; Hypocrites o joy in the word, 2c, the comfort is this, Ton are theyth.rt haue continued with me in my P temptations, therefore, I dilfofe unto you a King - dome. The fountaine of Pauli boldne(he `remaines; ReId in our Cod; that is, fay fore, miffing and relying vpon our God for fùpport : aL'according to Gad, led by his Spi- rit, rather then by petulant humour. Bell thus , Tho- rough God, and encouragement minifared to vs by his Spirit. The Apofl:leshumilitieand thankefulnefe is here rep. markable; tranfcribingglory of all grace to God; not mentio- ning any good thing ofhimfelfe, hutwith acknowledgement of Godfor the Author; fó alibi. Of his labouring: not I, but 9 Cods grace which is with me; of his gracious abili- ties Chriflian; they are of Chr 1"ftrengtbening; min I1e,i- all; they are of God,the onely enabler to fo great perfor- mances. His example let vs imitate in all our mentions and me- ditations of the good things Cod bath wrought in vs, forger not the A u,. h or,twhat haue we that we haue not recei- ned ?I n this grace fpecially of conf}ancie veder the croffe. Can we fay, as P A V L, Though we be offluiled, yet wee faint not? magnifying the power of God f irpporting our weak - nelFe. Nothing is more changeable then the nature of man, from good to worfe; efpecially prelfed with AI- dions. The Lord,the better to prouoke to this dury,lets vs fee in others, the pichttre of our owne nature; how many