Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

e , ,_ dC A P. r. An Epofition vpon the firft V s R. I, a r Coy. 9. S ó Gal.'. and D, others,dignifes his perfon with forne Title of refpeft: an Apoftle, or a Servant of God, or both. Interpreters en. quire reafon of it,and thus refolue. Some impute it to his modellic, and delire to Winne his AlYociates fome egaa- litie of refpeEt : f otne to his prudence, and care to auoyd fcandall,that might arife ámonglt Nouices, from !hew of arrogancie : lome to this, thatperhaps they were Aot pc- ftered with falfe apoftics, as other Churches, amongft whom he needed to auow his calling: whether one or o- ther, is not much materiali to inquire: neither occurres any thing offpeciall notice, except this, That it iee for e. timer Iawfrall for a Minifier, to vfe thofe Titles of honour and reverence, mherervith God bathgraced him; fontetimes ?rare conuenient the affirming fhonld beforeborne. P n V a, where he fees the authority and fruit of his Miniftery, hazarded by denyall of his Titles, inflfls largely in auowing of them; as to a Corinthians, and Galatians; and where hee fees concealement more conuenient to avoid {hew of vaine glory, he omits them. The like is requifite for vs. There are people fo idlely affeêed with Titles of dignitie, that the fame Truth bath more or kiTe authority with them, according to diffe- rence ofperibns,in thee refpefts,that propound it.There are men of another ftraine, fo vtterly diftafting all Titles in a Minifter, that the mention of them, on any occaton, is cenfu red ofvaine glory, and the doEtrine it felfe fo much the leife regarded, it is force part of a Miniftcrs prudence, in axle trifles to Ice, what is moll conuenient for the peoples edification. Minifters I haue knowne of reuerend parts for learning and confèience, whole whole Minifterie path beene therefore defpicable amongst I- diots, becaufe nor Birth, nor Vniuerfity degrees haue commended them to the world;, fo idlely are filly people caryed away with trifles: yet when gold is offered them, their care is not great how bate the perfon is that brings it. Nor fhould it bee much materiall, by whom Gods Lord : % 1&'!, ;`.i !4`j¡..i!+,6; `:.r,r `av''°{"'i`-.