Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

CHAP. I. .Epiille to the r heffalonians. V E R.I. Word is brought veto vs; whether by Ifaiah, as fume thinke, a Prophet b of the blood Royall: or by Amos, from e amongli the Hearslmen a fTekla. His AIi'ociates are Siluantas and Timothy. Siloam feemcs the fame with Silas, who d ioyned his pa ines with buskin find preaching to this people. Timothy had a11ò his imploymenc there, not without profit for theircon- fîrmation. It is here inquired, how aiíociated ro Paul, whether as ioyxst Authors in inditing the Epidle ? It rio where appeares,that they had diuine infpiration, as Apof}les, and Prophets; or were chofen by Gods Spi- rit, to pen Scripture, rather thinke them mentioned, as Approuers of the Doetrines, and Exhortations here de- liuered. Was not Pawls authority fufcient to commend them to Gods Church ? Sufficient,no doubt,in it fen : yet inafnruch as the re- uerence of there two was great in the Church of Theffa- Ionica, Paulioynes them vnto him : that by all meanes he might procure ref 'pef} to his doctrine. lawjull then to vfe humana fubfidia, humane helper for aduanta,v nf the truth. e The Apodles, and Elders, and Brethren goe ioyntly in the decrees at I erufalern, that by vniuerfall confcnt Gods people might be more fwayed to obedience. Very f Heathens tedimonies are not refufed by Apoftics,to aduanrage the Truth. Like courte is war- ranted to vs,where we may fee Gods Truth may thereby getaduantage. What if the name of a Father, or forne later Writer be fometimes heard in the Pulpit ? what pre- judice receiues the Scripture thereby ? I neuer liked that thicke heapingof Fathers fentences in popular Sermons. It fauours too much of oflentarien, and tends little or no- thing to edification ; much lefTe can I approue their alle- gation, as of' Authors fo authenricke, as to itnpofe on vs a necelíitie of beleeuing, becaufe they fo teach ; yet are B a there 3 b Rabbi Salo- plea apud zy- ram. Pro lfaiam- Amos r. I. aAt. r74. QeÌf eA?nfw. Obfer. Aa. r5.z3. EAFi.17.48. lames I.17. vft.