Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H A P.2. Epiftle to the Theffaloniant, V a R.3. dolrine, fo oppof re to mans corrupt nature, that light- ing upon it, it exafperates it to cenmitie againft it idle, and the pubh(hers thereof. Secondly, There goes with fuch a mans Minificrie, a kinde of Gall and Wormewood to men vnreformed; fo pierceth it into the Confcience, fb vnbowellerh it cor- ruption.That two -ed ed fword in his mouth, df archeth to thedifcouery, and arraignement of the molt hidden, and belt beloued corruptions,as ourSauiour gluing realbn of that inhumane infulring ouer the corpfor of the two witnef- fet, of Lïgne s this: becaufe they e vexed thole that dwelt on the earth.l am perfwaded its true, what face locuer fuch men let on the matter,couering the Bing oftheir f oules,in the bef manner they can; if they be hearers, its true ofthem that Ifay bath, f There it no peace to the wicked. It tcacheth you, as Paul aduif eth, s not to be matted with onrafliElions; fo as thereby to grow iealous, either of the f oundneffe of our Doarine,or vprightnetîe of our harts, Tow know, or may know wee are thereto appointed; and yee cannot be ignorant, it bath cuer been the lot of Gods faithful! Seruanrs in their times; who wonders at h El E. R O D I A S thirf i n g a f t e r I O H N B B P T I S T S blood when he bears fo continually vpon the vnlawfulnetffe of Inceft; or at I t Z A B E L S} fwearing the death of E- L a AS, reproving her Witchcrafts and abominable For- nications ?the more I wonder at chore men, Miniflers e- fpecially,that thinke it fo orange a thing, that to pr phase perlims, a Miniflers pert on f ould bee fo odious. This once I dare lay, either the Lord muff alter the na- ture of his Word; or Minifters palpably flatter, and g ¡tie way to their peoples finnes: or elfe, dealing faithfully, fuller perfecutions. Let vs now rake view of the words. Our Exhortation: that is our preaching Synecdocbe:bs- caufe exhortation is achiefe part of preaching. Anna let that bee our note: Exhortation it an effentiafl part of prea- cing; fo that though a man interpret, and dr:liuer Do- ¿Irines n I e Rom.8.7. d Ht8.4.ta. p Apoc.l I. to, f tfab7S i1. g 1 Thef. 33 h .}.8. i I /0,0 99.. s,