Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

173rt `v .'áVw. ;-.àñ II2 k dc`t.13. i g. llCor,r4.;. rn z 7ïm.4.z. rr dfi;z,4e. oz Tim. t.I f. C u A P.-a. An E x p o f ï t i o n v p o n the f r r f t ' VER. (trines Delia lòtoundly; yet ishe e iiuePreacher except heeioynethereto exhortation. Hence fbmerimes in Scripture, the Sermon is filed a k word of exhortation. If any he a Word of exhortation, let him fay on: hee- that prophecieth, filth P A V L, fpea%e hto Iedafeation,com- fort,exhortation. To preach, laith the Apoftle, is to mim_ prooue, rehike, exhort, &c. pra &ice of Saints is euery wh ere occurreia r, of Peter; with many other words did hee teffifie and n exhort: fo Proph ets,aft er Doctrines laid, de- fcend lometimes to comforr,fomtimes to reproofe,fòme- times to exhortation. This, that ailed, by the Apoflle, dividing or cuttingof the Word aright. The Scriptures deliner things, as it were in a groirefumme: Minihers are appointed, tofhare out of the grolle, to cucry one his portion; to the ignorant, inflruetion: to the erring, confutation: to the diflretred, comfort: to the obhinate, terrour: to the backward, ex- hortation. The reafon is plaine,to euery defeet ofthe people mua the Pahor apply himfelfe according to the rule, z The,.. 5.14. and like as the Lord hath fo tempered the Scrip- ture, that it fernes for euery necefíìrie of his people; fo mua wee to whom the difpenfation thereof is commit. red; apply and digeh it. In euery part of man, wee (hall find defects. la the minde,either ignorance that mull: be inhructed, or errour, that tz,uh bee confuted; the con- fcience is either benumbed, and muf} be terrified: or di- !tread, and mua be comforted: the will and affeftions, either difordered, and muh bee rectified by correction: or drowxie, and muft be quickened by exhortation, &c. If any táy,`vVhat part leave we then for ourpeople? Obedience andSubmifTion. Secondly, And alas, how defeftiue generally (hall we find them? that not one of many is able or careful], in making vfe of the Word,to goe farther then the Minier directs and leads him? We