Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

CH A P,á,, Epijlle to the Theff'alonians. VER. 14. with confcience of filch R eceiuers,to prafiife I (pare touch ofEnchtifies blafphcmy, in whole lan- guage it heares nothing but a dead Letter; aduifing our Hearers, to notice the true caufe of fò little eflicacie of this mighty Word in their hearts ; commonly it is im- puted to the Minifler,either his gifts are weake,or his af- feC}ions cold,or I is heart not vprighr. The fault mull needs be the Knitters, if the Word be net effeCluall in the Hearers. Truth is,thefe all or Tome may be impedi- ments; yet who bath not time mightie effcfi:s ofweake gifts in the Minifter ?8.c. Rather flicks the caute in the people,not hearing with what reuerence,faith,confcicnce,that this Word of God flaould be receiued withal!. They come to heare,as Athenians, for noueltie; or as the Iewes, in Ezechiel, for paf}ime and recreation; or as Criticks, to cenfiire the gifts of the Miniffer: who mar- uels if they depart without profit, or experience of the power of this mighty Word of God, wliofe aC}uall cffi- requires due difpoítion of the Receiiuer VERSE 14. For yee,Bretbre s, became followers ofthe Churches of God which inIndsa are inChr fit lefuc : for ye alfobauefuffe_ red like things o f, your ozone Countrymen, enc n as they hole of the !ewes. y ,frsle% 1 "e He Apoflle proues by a ligne, the effeCivall working ofthe Gofpel in this people, that ligne is, their willing and confiant endu- ring offlietions for the Golpells fake, let -s,,as..ffld out in a compariion of Likes or Equals. As the Churches of ludea,io thefe fuffered : Fira,the fame things. Sccondly,from like men. The fuperndturall verrue of Gods Word ris here remarkf- able,