Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

ik)t- Iáß.:" ,.c:u:' ',A r,... _dcsdolil....s. -.i",. t C it AP.I. A$'Expeition upon the firft V z R. 1;. To this day Ï eemes it more them a probleme,a meere pa- rad oxe amongit o+ir people. The very Commandements, w!tere they are croffing to corrupt hurnours,are cancelled, at leaft fleighted, and shifts ftudied by defiledcilfciences,to divert that ttroke, that picrceth from the confideration of their diuine Authour. Thirdly, the laft thing in this manner of receiving the Word of God, is the abfolutefrebieílion oftbe confcience to obedience : that whereas all the commands of men are li- mited to their rule; and abfolute obedience is due to no meere creature,how authorized focuer : This Word of God mutt fo be received, that ' whatloe'ter the Lord Jhall cop,,m .nd,we mutt refolue to doe. Where the taxe lyes heauie vpon our licentious ilea rers, comming to hear e, with referuarion of purpolé to continue their finnes,and delire to haue conscience at li- berrie, to obey, or dil'obey, as themfelues fee fitting. They mutt glue Preachers leaue to talke, they will giue them the hearing.Obedience (hall ftil be at their liberty, and choice,wherein and how farre to yecid ir; let thefe confi d er,w h o laid, godit a Lam giver, a able to lane and to deAmy; that fuffersbnotranfgreffion, ordilbbedience, to pare without iuft recompense of reward. Which 4lfoworl¿a, &c. The fruir offuch receiuing the Word follower, It works Mightily in them that beleeue. So lively and mighty in operation is the Word of God in due manner received, transforming the Hearers into the Image of it felfe; in fueh fort that what it prescribes, it worker : prelcribing Faith, it works Faith; vrging Obedience, it works Obcdience;commanding Knowledge, it enligh- tens to know: ftrange and wonderfull is the vertue of it, receiued as it ought. It makes the Churle hbe all ; the Profane, holy; the Drunkard, fober; the Adulce er, chaos, &c. There is no duty fo harfh to fle(ii and blood, fo crofling to profit, pleafure, any thing; but it.prcttailes with 3 z Exed. 59.8. a 701.4.1a. b Heb. a. z.