Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C it A l,2. Epiftle to the Theffalonians. V n R.14. ofScriptures came out from God. To Gods children let it be a fetling of their Faith, that it Heuer v'auer about this principle. Left any lay,The Argument is not denionftratiue; in O6ÍeF#. as much as frì!cill!anifts, Donatios, other Heretiques haue refilled unto fhedding of Blood,tomaintaine their Heretic and Superf}ition. We confeife there are amonglt Heretiyues,vmenirong. v?rrfir . delnded,and euen ambitious of fuffering. Yet betwixt the Deuils and Gods Martyrs thefe differences are ob- feruable : Firm, in the manners and conxerfation of one and ether, to the eye of Naturalos cuident. Prilèillianios were knowne to be men of vicious life,and in matters of Oath and Religioc s Hypocrifie,profeffedly impious: To Chrifis Martyrs, their perfecutors haue beene forced to giue teoimonie of their honefly. Pilate could fay of our Sauiour, c 1 fnde no twill in this man ; Lyfias in Paul c Luke z3.4, &ides d nothing worthy orDeath or Bonds; Plinio to Traian d A 143.29 giues teoimony ofChriflians inoffenfiue life; except in matter of their Superoition (as hee calls ir) they were vnrebukeablr. A fecond difference ariftth from mealbreoftbeirpaf_ ons and patience; where, Storie and Experience giues e- minence to Chrioians. Sawe ,andSpits,and Gridyrons, . were tryalls peculiar to Cirrìoians; neuer was Chriftian fcueriry fo fauage agaü.o H reti ques,as was Heatheni fh , or Hereticall Cruelric againo Gods Clrildren;vnder which, notwithilanding their patience was perfeû, to the aflonifhrnent of B holders:who can fämple,amongft Herctiques, that of Lawrence on the Gri elyrón? daring as it were the Tyrants malice, eAfrum ef,inauit; {erfa manduca. Itaanimi virtute vince6at igais natxram, faith S. lib icap 4r, _elmbrofe. The power of theWord of God wee haue thus fèene in generali; as it is obferued by the Apoflle, and infer: red to be fo mighticin this people, fo let vs view it. It wrought I"