Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

r74. CHAP.$. fir{ Expofltion V,904. the tuft V B R. 4. wrought effef}ually in thispeople; fir they imitated the Churches in f r f fering. That man may fay indeed, the word is migbsie and e;eEfua . in him, with whom it preuailes fo farre, as to make bins a wil.. ling fuférerfor the Truths fake. Something it is, when it works Faith and O')edience in dayes of eaf eiyer in Come reuolrs it bath thus farce preuailed.To whom it itgiurn not e Philip` r z9. 'on ly to heleerte, e but contentedly to flier far the Name of Chrif,sheirs is thepriuiledge. The hardeft point ofohedience,is to obey in fuf %ring. e Canyattdrink! efmy Cup, fiid our Sauiour to his ambi- tious Difciples?chat is the tryall. 2kafons. Firfl, Naturally wee louecafe : and there is nothing more hard to fleth and blood,rhenr affilons and patience. Wherefore herein haue beene noted the fouleit falls of grcatcf} Saints. . Secondly, Befides, in that cafe,a man mutt fometimes rranfcend fenfe; and whatfbeuet this World affords to fuftaine him : belecuing one contrary in another; as that he raignes as a King, whiles he f iitfers as an abieEt Mif- creant. V f. This make we our Touch -Bone, to try truth of Con- nation by power of the Word of God. Mmy are the ef- fcftsit bath in the hearts of Cart- awaycs ; It humbles, "comforts, reformes them in a meafire. Thus faire it pre - gta a 9.z3. uailes with few, or none of thcrn, to make reiblute, to fuffierfor the Truth. Faith and Repentance are therifef} things in Profl ffion : then patience in of i&ion, or refo- lotion to ruffer,no vertue more rare. Vtiaally we delire to indent with the Lord, and lo farre as may !land with commodity, reputation,loue ofNeighbotits;lò farre on- ly are we for the Gofpeli. Remcniber whofaid, g f*that takes not vp his cro f fe to follow Chri,({ , is not worthy ofhim : who fo doth it not daily, in the preparation of his mind, is no meet Dirciple for him. The amphfGation of their fùffirings is by comparifon of Odfr.