Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

i"..4°-'pD?x: a 190 C a A P. 2, tin Expofition zpon thefts:// VER. t 7. t s norchild-bearing, without grones and outcryes. Out 'Sauiour,then whom the Sun neuer law man more peace- able, harmlefre, and inof enfue, leaped not the clamors and oppofïtions of gracelefre men in his M1n;fterie,Paul, -whole courses tended all to peace, fo as no mans more, parting with many rights for peacefake, tempering him; félfe in things indifferent ro euery mans infirmity, yet meets with tumultuouscontradiftions. z. Secondly, UV, as S YR 1 C x, My fonne,C3vhen thou s Eccluc,s,i,s, entrrf Gods feruice, fand faß in righteoufneffe and fearer and prepare thyfoulefor temptation. The beginnings are moil violently afraulted. Arme therefore againfl Satans incurlions. Firft, efpccially againfl that of Pride, the vfuall ouer- throw of Novices ; which made Bernard aduife, in our beginnings specially to labour for 'Humility, though graces be then small, yet as finall is experience of infir- miry in temptation. Secondly,Remifrenels and tetrper:though vfually be- ginnings are moil feruent, yet as no violent thing is of long continuance ; fò fitddenly is that feruor and heat of Serdari deuotion flaked. And then, as Bernard, Contrahiturani- mssd ,f btrahirur gratia, protrahitur longitudo vit e, deferue- feie uiti:u fruor, in4rauefcit tepor fallidsofus, blanditur voluptas, fallit /ecuritas, reuocat conflict ado. Thirdly, diuerting the flrearne of afieftion from fub. fiance to circumflance; From the maine foundations of Faith, to the nice impertinences of humane ceremonies: by which wile ofSatan, how many have been tranfpor- ted into faaion, carried to an vnbrothetly feparation from the Church ofGod 1 iIn perfon, not in heart. In Cbr jinn amine, oar perfons may befundred,affeEions can neuer be diuided. Brotherly fellowship may increafe loue, lcpararion quencheth it 1 nor. What mantel! : Firfl, prël nce is not 'necefra y to rre cure it, nor therefore to pi eíèrue it, 'It comesto palfe, Paid ':`'', ; OA .4