Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

/C H AP. a.Epiflle to the Theffalonians.V a a.17. t 8. thus affeCled, Secondly, and they haue caufe to feare the vengeance,threatned to men merciletre to fatherlefs, that enforce f ùch reparation. 1Ie91 xvd',mesr The Apofl:le is by Tome conceiued to intimate the feparation and abfence to be but fora Short rime, fuppoíng him fo to fpeake according to his hopé and opinion;by others, to Signifie the f uddennefle of his enforced feparation : "whereto agrees the Holy, e,9ir.I7. adverfsi. That fènfe (landing, occafions vs to note, how Satan ecial y infidiatur initiis nafcentis Ecclefi , and is moft turbulent in the firfl planting of Churches. A t Eph efis,w lien a the d.ore is opening, Aduerfaries are multiplyed. Hence in Primitiue Church grew thole bloody perfecutions, that plenty of HereSies, wherewith the world was peftered. Atfrfl rifing of Luther, what vprores was the whole Chriftian world filled withall? and Hill as the Go'pel1 fpred it felfe newly from Kingdome to Kingdome, fo grew tumults more frequent and outragious. Particulars of Gods children may obferue, temptati- ons moil frequent, and vehement in their fief} rctyring from the world, and turning to their God ; then confcr- ence becomes a Lyon :perfccurions mile, all the power and policy of Hell combine, to detaine, or worke a refcue. The reafoniscuident: Ir is the Deuills obferuation from much experience ; it is eater to hinder a Church from planting, to hinder the riling, then to deffroy ir, once felled vpon the foundation. `Paul for this is feare- full ro admit b Noarsces to the place of Paflors: knowing, that as their fals are moll dangerous, becauCe they are i Minifl rs : fo moll eafre,becaufe Nouilions. To me it h flrarge.,.l,o,w to men conuerfart. in Scrip- i tures,and Church Story, it fhould f'cerne orange, ro fee 1preuailing Minifl:eries accornpanyed with popular tu- mults. There building without noire of hammers ; nor Obfer. s z Cor.16.9.