Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H AP. I. EPiiile to the frheffalostiatts. V a R. .4.. 23 The third reafon as bee cals ir, from the leire to the greater. If wee can know common Graces, then much more true Graces. But common graces wee may know. Erge. (Mallon C ERE E?. v M metueret, greitin hac taw itt- confrderatédiceret : I had rather this man were affraid of a rof}ed Pigge, then that hee fhould prate thus idlely. It feemes bee bath heard of lòme fach logical' Argument; but Crow you, if he were examined, he knew how it pro - ceedes ? is your comparifbn of things, or probabilitie ? a Barbarian, I dare fay, I am unto him. Heare a realon cast in the fame mould:If a weake Nouice may know the principles ofthe beginnings ofChr, fl,thenmay he know the deeper Myfteries ofFaith. I f he be fit for Mikt,', much more for ffrongnamte.Negatiucly your Argument would follow well:If youvnderf} and not points of Catechifine, much le1Te profounder points of Faith. Compare you the probabilities and verifimilitude of the two; then know, it is not le1Te, but more likely, you (hould dif.;erne common Graces, of knowledge, vtte- rance, tongues, &c. then thole fpeciall, that accompany fàluarion: there being more meanes in your Di(ciples to manife(l, in you to discerne thole, then there. Their knowledge, by their tongue or pen you may fudge of; the fincere motions of their hearts, in Faith, Loue, Obe- dience. except the fearcher of hearts bee plcafed to vn- locke vnro you the clofet of their deceitful) hearts, you cannot poiiibly discerne. Fourth Argument,we are com- manded to put difference : therefore wee may infallibly know the Regeneration and EleZlion of another: for it is written, Offotne how compojronmangodifference, bide 22. How dare you thus daily with the Word of G o D ? The Saints are exhorted, in recouering the !educed by Herefìes,to weigh the qualitie ofthe offence;and there- to to proportion their proceedings in admonition, cen- C 4 lures, tQt7f 3iWe Anf»s.