Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

BQ V'efiriY1ldRd0 .ác!kN`ali..' ._ .._. . .. . } 2z C a A P. i. 4n Expofition upon the, fire V a R.4. vndoubtfull euidence of the cleannef %of the heart in Gods fight, and I wonder what other euidence, ,but the ac}ions,this manand his Sectaries haue to fudge of rege- neration by : which,if they may be fo cunningly di6iem- bled,.as no eye of man can exactly put difference twixt them, and the fame in If aelites indeed ; that alto laid for s a P4r.6.30. ground, that Salomon hath, x Thou only, O Lord, knowefl the hearts of the children ofinen; how is the difcerning in- fallible, and foal as wherein we cannot be deceiued ? His fecond prophecie is that in Malachi, .Cap. 3. 18. Then ihalf ye return and *erne' bet ween the righteous and the wickgd; betwixt him thatferueth God; and him that fortieth him not. Therefore the regeneraee Eleft may in- fallibly know the elefïi ©n & regeneration each of other. A!-4 000 And why not as well therefore, very Reprobates may infallibly know the elation of others?for to chef-el-peaks the Prophet that in refpecl of their ptomilcuous enwrap - ping in common calamities, refolued, it was vainetoferue the Lord, Verfe 14i ¡5.. A day fhould come, when the Lord fhould make it apparent to the eyes of very Cath- y Pial.58.1t, wayes and Atheifts, that Y doubtleffe there isa reward for the righteous, verily there is a God that iodgeth the earth then fhould they change their mindes and lay, how euer they counted the life of Gods children madnef e,yet now they fee by experience in the day of the Lords retributi- on, Light ù laidfor the righteous, and ioyfull glaone fe for thevprigbt in heart. Molt and beft Interpreters vndcr £and the place of the day of generall lodgement : all confenr, that the people difcerning twixt righteous and vnrighteous, are thole Atheifts,mentioned Verfe 14. and the thing they fhould difcerne, the happy ejiate of Gods children, and their fell citie, not direltly their elation and regeneration. Good Sir, ifyee haue not by fingularitie quenched all feare of God in yeu, tremble thus to play with the Scripture,and to perrrert it to your owne, and o- ther mensdeft;raRion. 77!ísl4+.wx.; The