Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H A P. r. Bpiftte te the 7heffaloriiatts. V E R. 4. but the linke of' his of eaion was Grace appearing ; knowing not his prefeript oneIy; but his e profefedprac- tice. Yet had no infallible knowledge, I thinke, of his Elefìion aridregeneration,againfl whom hevtters fuch f dire imprecations. Perfwafion of fánEtitie fuficiently procures Leniency of affeéìion, though there bee no in- fallibiiitic of knowledge. Laffly,hee neuer finds mention of any that fell backe, of whom beleeuers were well perfsvaded. I muff not bind him to forme; nor need I; fitla his Ar- guments faileall in the matter : what fay you Of Simon Magau the Patriarch of Hererikes ? I fhould thinke 'Philip well perf waded of his faithfulneffe, to whom hee g minsflersBaptifine the feale of the Couenan't;the pledge of retnifíìon of finnes:whoin hc`permits to continue and company with him. What of Nicholas h the Profelte of Antioch, chofen by common cónfenr of the Church, to an offrcerequiring moll; fidelity: Yet Authour of that i Sal ofNicolaitans, which the Lord profefj"eth to hate? What of Demme,, k reckoned vp by Paul, amongf} the wel-withers to the Church of' God, and his fellow la- bourer? forfoorh,we snuff proue that Paul was well per - fwaded of him?Goe to;he numbers him among thole of whom he was well perf evaded,Marctss,Ariflarchtta;Lu- cas that only abode with him in his trouble, commends him to the Churches relpcet, by the fame ppirhere bee gives to the refl. And we may not tlrinke hee would Ia- bour tó procure la in reuerence and rc1j 1 with Gods Church ; of whom hi_mfclfe was not well perfwaded. And ofMafter7ruk sconclu(on and reafons,thusfarre The adt4xecQoy of his Sermon notes is a grant with me, imparted by an honeft Gentleman, to whom after tl e preachment late was pleated to commend this Jewell of his fancie. It will bee wondred perhaps, I thould bellow this paints vpona man fo illiterate, and in a point fo ridicu- loully 25 e 3'fal.z6. 4,s and 4. f Pfa14 í TS. g alii 843., h 6 iApoc. z:15.' k Pbilem-z4.