Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

26 CHAP.I. AtzEx ofitionvponthefirfi Vait.4 loufly abfurd. This is mine Apologie. Euen his fpeech, they fày, frets like aGasrgreene, and increafeth to more vngodlinefíe,in that giddy multicude,whofe Rile it will euer beato beconfl;antinleuitatefua. Such Whirligigge Weather -cocke braincs there are amonga them,fo chil -. difh in vnderftan ding, that they are whirried about . with cuery blaft ofvaine doElrine. ßcfides,I hcarc,that euen of fuch petties amongfl vs, Papias haue taken no- tice fo farre, as by them ro make our Church odious through multiplicity of-Seas: the trafh of Traskites is call: as dung into the face of our Church ; that neuer yet Cooke notice oftheir Fanaticall Iudaieall Authour, *This infofcnt except* condignely to punifh him. Lal}ly,who knowes Satz y path whether God may be pleafed to giue him repentance lately(Gace and fight of his errant by this rneanes, before hee be too the writing this farre intangled in the (irare of the Deuill ? Treatife) recei' Our conclufion is this : 1Vo man, except by extraordi- tied for his outragions be- nary reuelation,can infallibly kyon the Elellian or Regenera.. hauiour, pub- tion of another. Our reafons there: like fligmatical Firft,The'eane wee mull follow in iudging of other punifhmcnc. mens eleftion is not infallible.Thcrefore our knowledge cannot be infallible. Themedium whence weegather, whátlbeuer good opinion or perfwa(on of others, is, their allions materially good, their conuerfarion out- wardly holy,their hearts, I trow, wee (lull leaue to him, 1.4poc.a.23. that flileshimfelfe the Lord that 1 fearcheth the hearts and tryeth the reins. If then the Afts of ihnftitie bee all wee iudge by, how may wee call our iudgement infallible; there being no aft that can poffibly runne into our fenle but may proceed from a man of the holloweft heart ? Secondly, Infallible knowledge of Regeneration prfuppofeth as infallible knowledge of the Motives, Grounds,lntentions of the aftions of obedience, in the performers : There being the principal) differences di- f +inguifhing Regenerate mens aftions,from their coun- terfeits in Hypocrites and Civilians. Suppafe thus; No alts ... -1 K°.e.".'x¢ T411r:S,a;.r'F