Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H AP.I Epiflle to theThefalonians. V E x.4. 3 rie,that we lhould imagine,God reueales to you what he conceales from all others ? and layes open to your view the booke of Life,wherein are recorded the names of all that he bath chofen to faluation? And what is the profit of this ftrange doctrine ? what the pofliible ifÇues of it except to breed fecurity,prefumption,proud ñ fudging of g t eor.4.5, fecrets before the time Shall I fay what I think; and not without ground ? The man would feerne fome.body in the Church of God ; and hailing in gifts nothing ex- traordin try, by odnetle labours to make himfelfe fa- mous.That withall let be added, there is no frnall eye to profitable aduantage; who would not, as h Magtss,with hi4ti.8.1 8,t9. large money redeeme this power, to bee able to difcerne who are elected ;who thinks gold deare to purchafe atTu- rance of his election and calling ? They matt therefore that will be his dit"ciples, take vp this crotTe to keepe backe none of their temporalties from theirParaclete,as hec laid merrily, vpon paise to forfeit their election. What mould' then, if force befotted filly women, and feruants,hauepurloyned from their husbands, and rob- bed their matters, to maintaine this Saint-feeing- Saint- making -Saint To the feduced,I fay as Paulin another cafe ;Let ' toe- íRom.tq.g. ry one be affured in his owns mind. k Euery one proue his owne k Gal. 6.4. work,e, his owne heart, fo fball he baue reioycing in himrelfe, and not in another. Wee now proceed to enquire what profit this Text, without i rayning,affoords vs ? It inftruEts vs to this duty from Pods example; In cha- pbfer. rity to number them amongil Gods chofen, in whom wee pe; as much as man may fee, the f etitr and fires of Elet?ion. S. Iohn writing to a religious Lady,ftiles her 1 Elea, be- I s lohn r, 4. cauf è he had feene her and her children walking in the truth. We are mperfwadedofyon ,faith Paul to the 1iebrews,fneb mHeb.6,9,to. things as accompany falnatiors fuck hash beene your works and labour of lone yea in tie mIddeft of infirmities, wee