Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

30 C P.1. A» E XrefittON VIP» the frfl VER.4. Z ie1ti 6.70. Cot. if. 1. b .í4t.2,44, e z Tim 2., ig, d &ragtag. R: / 5, E./ 05 ., ,; 5 A ,,.. 14.,,,...- Wt., At ..5, , 1......111.1011.1.10111.114' the trod:se°. a Deng incarnate Let him beleeue that lifts, in Theffalonica there were none in the Church., but who were of it and that Toils certainty of euery of their elettion,was infallible,not Inbiat to error. If this reafon perfwade not, that other will enforce. Cap. 3. 5. Left the rempter had tempted you,and our labour fitotild be in fhould time then,he was fornething fearefull of their Apottafie, and jealous left that might befall them, that he mentions to the Cerinthians, that they a had be/rested in vaine. Can we thinke he would fare the vtter A poltafie of any whom infallibly he knew to be elefted2 was bee to Icarne, crow wee, that b the .Eled cannot paffibly be fo de. ceiteed5vvh en as he reacheth fo peremptorily, that c form- dation flandsfure;and the dgifts and callingaf God are without repentance andreuocation It rernaines then, that his knowledge here profefted, was probable only ,not If to any the terme fecme ftrange, that dperfvvaflon poilibly erroneous fhould bec ailed knowledge; let him know,that it is an hyperbole nor ftrange in common lan- guage, or vie of Scripture, to expreffe fctled and firme perfwafions, though fubieft to errour in the name of "knowledge, .Ati.3.17. I know that through ignorance you killedthe Prince of life. I know, that is,. I am firmly per- fwaded. z Cor.9. z, know the reading. fe ofyour monde, I am perfwaded of it. Compare alto phil z. 2,5 . Phile- mon. 2T. I know thou wilt doe more then fay. Like here. By this time,' hope,it appeares this dreame bath no foo- ting in this Text, nor in Truth, in any Word of God. I would now intreat the man and his difciples, per fi* rid charum aut e If there bee any confolation in Cbriti, if any comfort of lone, if anyfellorefitip of the Spirit, if any bowels and mercies ,not to make a rent in the body of Chrift, but io endenour f to keepe the vnity ofthe Spirit in the bond ofpeace : who are you,or what your gifts fo extraordina rie,