Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H AMI. E jai ji le to the Thejalonians. V a R. s. beginners comfortable , enough to Tway charity to a good opinion of them. There may appeare in filch mens fins that may iuftly caufe an inmi or fulpence of iudgemenr, if they bee luch as we call vaffantia confcientiam; but what euer may be prefumed to be but infirmity,r charity will cower rather, r t Pet. 4, 8, then rashly cent ire of inlnceritie. Thd'e few direftions take notice of to order charitie in her iudgement : Firft, meafure no man by particular faEls,feeme they neuer lò foule, left thou condemne the r generation ofthe isaft : Particular fall' argue weaknef e, not f Mat. 26. 74. a nullity ofranmlíftcation. Secondly, what euer may bee imputed to infirmitie, prelùme may !land with Grace : there is no deflroying repugnancy twixt it and true fanaity, lb as they may not clay in the fame f ùbiefi. Thirdly,th ere is cauloa lata and culpa lads : there are moates and beame.r, u Gnats and Camels, if you commit t Mal.7..3. and fumes in comparifòn : there are leuiera delifla : which tr Charitic allowes to be reproued as Gnnes, yet not to bec cenfured as oppolite to Grace. Fourthly,be fauourable in finnes, firs}, flrengthened by ancient cuffome. Secondly, naturali inclination. Thirdly, furthered to committing, by multitude of temptations and entifements. No Gtines fliould be more cautionately watched againft, more rigoroufly dealt withal!, by delinquents : nor gentlier handled in the ,cenfnre of charity. Fiftly, meafure no man by his state and behauiour in paflion: pallions arc violent,and haue made x the holìe4} x See/ son.: in their behauor little leffe then beftiall. Thus farre of Pam!' judgement, and charitable perfw:Gon of this peoples gracious eftate. There follow the euidences f'waying him to this perfwauon. 33 D ft)