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34 CPI A t.I. An Expolition wpm the ftr,ft, V aR.s . VEits. 5. For our cofpell came not veto you in Word onely, but alfo 1 in Power, and :n the holy Ghof#, and in much affnrance, as yet know what manner of men wee were amongit you for pair fakes. .q_ ti Hi ee of Pauls euidences fwaying charitie 17,{9 ) to iudge them EleCt, are here fet downe : Firfl,the power of his Minitlery. Second- ze, ly, the gift of the Holy Ghofl connexed 4-ir.Pai with it. Thirdly,the fruit ofthe Spirit; full afurance of the Truth oftbeGofpell; witnefleswhet- of, he makes their owne hearts, whereto he appeales for record. obfer. The prudence of Pauls charitie is here worth our notice ; beleeasing nothing, but by euidence. Inflruating our charity to like wifedome in iudgement ; to bee guided by reafonnble euidences : inioyning to beleeue no more of others then probable euidence may induce vs : compare Heb. G. verf. 9. 2 lohn i. verfe 4. Philip. r y i Cer.13.7 ver1:6, 7. It is fail indeed of charity, Y t beleeueth all things ; is ealle -of beliefe, and readic to be perfwaded any good thing of another; yet is it not foolifhly credulous, without reafòn , and againfl euidence, to thinke the profane holy. When Peter fàw in Simon Magus the fignes of by- pocrifie, all 'his charity would not afford him com- mendation of finceririe, 1 perceiue, faith hee, for all 1..0s $.23. this flourifh thou haft made of Faith, ? thou art in the gall of bitterneffe, andin the bond of iniquitie. And 'Paul himfelfe, that by precept St praltice fo much commends charitie, and in charity credulity, yet flicks not to fay 2 I Tim, I. 19, of Hymenæus and Alexander, they .a badnracle lhipwracke ao. of Faith; for hee had no reafon to beleeue Faith cooed'.