Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

W5tgN1 VS" 4teeht'W rIVGiJ'a TO THE RIGHT HONORABLE THE LORD STANHOPE, BARON oF HA RINGDON, ONE OF his Maiefties ma+ Honorable Pri- uic Councell, Mercy and Peace bemultiplicd. I ht Honourable and my very good Lord:Senfibly he fpake, and fittingly to his times, who wailing laid ; Nurquam inueni requiern,nifi in libro & claufiro. (Alentior, if my foule accord him not. A window too Toone I opened it,as Noah to his Doue, to fee, if yet the bilIovvesofthe ancient Deluge were calmed if in forne eminent Mountaine the might find a place to fettle on. And behold, all fwelling with the forges of Ambition, or foyled with the flume of Az Luxury