Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

. S`;<_`/'- ' p.[}TY JYïYill,twk aA. w :,eßtdyá'.i%..`- ,' ./-f.4.:r.: '`. ;t1 P10.3o 8>. a Accl.y2A3. THE EPISTLE L':xurie and ha Ceti Auaricc : no place fafe where (bee may pitch her fours. Bleffed be that God, that giucs the hand, to reed at. her backe into the Arke. o mundeìmmunele, raid Saint Auflinein his holy indignation; How fattens our pureft fub- (tance on thy poll utions ?why feekes it tea in that, vhofecornpofi:ion is of tumults? y. g,,, 64,, that haue begun:re by Grace,to retire my minde from the tumultuous hurly- burlies it is tofl'ed withall. And now with Agur I pray, Lord, feeele me with roads conmenient for me : my Tnguriolurmi,my little Sheep corc,affoording retired privacie,fhal yeeld more rranquaitie,then the See ofhim,thatwould. be 'tiled, Monarch of the Catholique Church. Right Noble Lord, fallor::? or doth your heart applaud, vs ? that .hauing.more eaenrfuru ewed what suer ¿on *entmcnt theRciyällëfl Court could affoocf; and fp.ent the better dayes in fcruice to the State, at length makes choice of privacie, as fafeft harbour for old Ag..,Wla daet,trow I, doe you more pitie rnenlaundhing into tharErìripta, or praise God foryour own:: fare arriuáll? Thanks be to God,that hath fafe rendred you to.your felt, and caught you to Snake deuotió the tasks ofyour Ag .á Hoè erg omn s'1Ioriio,ro feare God and keep his commandements.Continue herein,I dare promife. your con fcience more tranquilitie , your perforu, more honoitr,then allthe Courts ófthewoad can, afford you.StïlI lët yodr foule ne,ëittrtbured on the beaurie of the Lords houfe : Still rn akc your CIofet á'Tcmple,whèrein the praises of God may found !