Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

't i6 S A B A O T I-: This Title then can be an Attribute of no Being but of that glorious ONE, by whom all Things exift and fubfift: And, accordingly, it is never ufed, but with fucji other Names, or but in filch Places, as exprefs the Majefty and Power of GOD. ifogels form a Part of the Hotts of the Almighty, be- raufe they are minifring Spirits, fent forth to do his Pleafure : T'houfand 2'houfands miner unto him, and ten thoufand times ten thoufand(land before him.* The Stars and other celestial Orbs conftitute another confiderable Portion of the Hofts of GOD : t He bringeth out their Hoff by number; he calleth them all by their Names; through the Greatnefs of his Might, and4he Strength of his Power, not one of them faileth. The Powers of Nature, the various Phoenomena of this lower World, and all the Creatures upon it, are ,to be ranked arriongtt the Army of the Lord of Hofls, who fulfill his Purpofe, and are turned hither and thi- ther at his good Pleafure. This Title is generally ufed in Pa ages, where the Omnipotence of GOD is to be expreffed in the Prefer- vation or Salvation of his People, or where the Terror of his Majefty is to be defcribed in the ready Deftruc- Lion of his Enemies. As this Word Sabaoth is frequently joined with other divine Names, which belong to the Me /hah; fo there can be no Doubt, but that it is alfo a Title equally per - taining to him. Indeed, if this be not applicable to Chrifl, which only expreíi'es the Power of the divine Ef- fence; then, the Names, declarative of that E_(fence itfelf, are wrongly applied to him throughout the Bible. But as that is impoffible, from the Wifdom and Goodnefs of GOD; the Confequence is, that this Title is a particu- lar Attribute of our Lord 7efus Chrift. Chrift brought forth his People out of Egypt, was with them in the Wildernefs, and led them into Ca- naan. Ifaiah, therefore, fpeaking comfortably to the Dan. vii. to. j- Deut, iv. tg. .Tfaiah xl. 26. Church