Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

S A B A O T H. rr7 Church of GOD, and declaring his almighty Power as engaged to preferve her fafe from all her Enemies, ap- peals to the remarkable Inftance'of his Might in dividing the Sea, whofe Waves roared, and adds, (as a molt co- gent Reafon why he íhould be trufted in for ever), that JEHOVAH SABAOTH is his Name.* Chrift was ever the Adonai of his People; and fo he is (Vied, as a Note of his all-fufficiency, the Eldon, the Adonai of Hofts, i who would be for a Fire and aFlame to burn up their Adverfaries. This blefï'ed Adonai was feen by the evangelical Pro- phet, fitting upon a Throne, high, and lifted up, in full Exprefìion of his divine Supremacy, and adored by Se- raphic Spirits', as the Holy JEHOVAH SABAOTH, who filled the Heaven and the Earth with his Glory. The. fame Prophet, again and again, declares, that the Re- deemer of Ifrael is the Loan OF HOSTS, or JEHOVAH SABAOTH. Chrift, therefore, being the Redeemer of Ifrael, is, in his own divineNature, JEHOVAH SABAOTH; a Title, which even the Arians allow, can only be . rightly applied to the Supreme GOD. But, to put the Matter frill beyond Doubt, that the Title of SABAOTH pertains to Chrift; the exprefs mean- ing of the Name, and the infinite Power it denotes, are afcribed to him by the Apoftle, when he fpeaks of his final Revelation from Heaven, with the Angels of his Power [all the Hofts and Armies, the Agents of Ms OmnipoteneJ, inflaming Fire, taking Vengeance on them that know not GOD, and that obey not the Gofpel ofour Lord Jefus Chrift ; who 'hall be punted with everlafbing Deftrucîion from the Pretence of the Lord, and from the Glory of 'his Power. §: All Power is committed unto Chriji, as the GOD- rnan, both in Heaven and in Earth. As to his divine Nature, all Power was effentially in him ; and,, by taking the human into it, all Power is delegated to that af- Ifaiah li. 15. j- Void x. 16. Ifaiáh vi, i,;. &c. Johnxü: 37 -41.. § z Theft: i. 8. 13 tonìlhing