Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

:I18 S A B A O T H. tonifhingConjur Rion, which wasmade for the Salvation andGlory of his People. In this Senfe, He isjet at the Right-Hand (or invefted with the Almighty Power) of GOD, far above all Principality, andPower, and Might, and Dominion, and every Name that is named, with all things under his Feet-;* and, in this refped, all Fullnefs of Glory, Majefty, Wifdom and Grace, dwells and re- fides, through the eternal Pleafure of GOO, bodily or fubítantially in him. t The bleffed Redeemer is not only the Lord of the ¡loßr of Angels, and the Powers of Nature ; but, in a peculiar manner, the GOD of the Hofts ofhis People. ews and Gentiles compofe this facred Army : This im- tnenfe Multitude; which no Man can number, is of all Nations, andKindreds, andPeople, and !'ongues.t The heavenly yerufalemfhall be the 9hrone of JEHOVAH, and dll the Nations (hall be gathered unto it, to the NAmEof JEHOVAH ; and the Hofts of the Nations $hall be his goodly Heritage. § Ifrael of old were his Hefts to declare his Power against the Egyptians, the Ganaanites, and the Healbens; as a Type of the fpiritual Ifrael, who are His. * Eph. i. zó. f Col. i. 16. and ii. g. $ Rev. vii. 9. § Jer. iii. 17, 19. It is a moll aweful Cönfideration, which Ihould finite every carelefs Perlon, that, if the Elect of GOD, taken here and there out of the Families of the Earth, be innume- ruble, the People of the World, whoperifh, muff still exceed the Powers of Number. `Bp. Hall has a curious and profitable Remark upon this Subjett. " Divide the World (lays he), according to the ?' learned ,13rereweed, into thirty Parts: Nineteen of them are Pa- " gans; and they are Enemies. Of the eleven that Rernain,fix are,, " Mahometans; and they are Enemies. Of thole otherfive that re- " main, there is an antichriflian Fat-lion [the Church of Rang] that challenges Univerfality; and theyare Enemies. Stand nowwith " me upon, the Hill, and take a Survey of the Enemies. See them lay fcattered like Grafshoppers in the Valley; and tell me, whe- n' ther the Church bath not reafon to fay, Lord, hew ehany are they " that rife up againft me ! Yet, when all is done (that no man may " be difèouraged) if we have but our Eyes opened, with Eliude's .. Servant, to fee the Hoft of Heaven glittering about us ; we shall boldly fay, There are snore with us than againt us." Angels and Saints thandoubtlef tranfce. ndinNumber theDevilsandfheDamned, See Bp. Hall's Sermon onPf lm lxvüi. â o, Sabáot,