Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

S A B A O T H. .119 Sabaoth, His Armies, and Soldiers, tofight the goodFight of Faith, with the Spiritual Weapons of his Grace againft Satan, the World, the Flefh, and all the Princi- palities and Powers of Darknefs ; over whom they are Conquerors, and more than Conquerors, through him that loved them. What an irrefragable Argument to the Chriltian is hereof jefus's Divinity, and of his juft Claim to the Title of Jehovah, Alehim, or Adonai, of Sabaoth ? Chrift has not only declared himfelf to be the Son of GOD with Power, but proved himfelf to be the GODof Power in the Believer's Soul. He alone could vanquifh for him the Strength of' Satan, and turn him, from the Rage of Corruption and the Darknefs of Hell, to an Enjoyment of the Light, Peace and Power of the Kingdom of Heaven. Nothing can be more certain, that there is no Principle in the World, the Flefh, or the Devil, that could even incline the Heart for a Mo- ment to the Knowledge and Love of GOD ; and, if even that were poflible, they have no Strength in them to create a new Heart, and to renew a right Spirit, in a Creature born in Sin, and corrupt or rotten through Sin, in every Facultyof Body and Mind. Such a Sal- vation inconteftably argues the Omnipotence.of its own Caufe, and loudly proclaims the Saviour to be the ef- ficient Creator, Almighty and Divine. The Hand, that built the Skies, that fpread out the Heavens like a Curtain, that created the innumerable Orbs of Light and Matter furrounding this terreítrial Globe, and that ifupports the whole Machine with infcrutable Harmony and Art; is the fame Hand, that plucked his People as Brands from the Burning, that called them into fpiri- tual Life when dead in TrefpafJes and Sins, and that main- tains the heavenly Flame, in the midit of infinite Cor- ruptions, and againít the united Force of all the Powers of Darknefs. As one Spirit far excels in Nature the mere material Compofition of a thoufand Worlds ; fo does the new Creation of Jets Chrift, and his eternal Redemption, inconceivably tr. nfcend in Grace and 14 Glory