Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

AIDOIVA'I. LORD. 141 rvoïárfelves. ' And, as to the Abfurdity and Blafphemy Of an inferior, dependent; GOD ; alas, what Comfort could the diftref ed Soul derive from Him 1 He fees, that his Sins are fo many, and fo great ; that his Nature is fo radically evil, and deceitful ; that the World has fo many Temptations, calculated with the utmoft Saga- city and Suitablenefs to enfriare him ; and that, beyond all this (which alone would fuffice to fink him into Per- dition), he has to wreftle againft [fpiritual] Principali- ties, againft Powers, againft the Rulers of the Darknefs of this World, and agair/t fpiritual Wíckednefs in high Places. -1- The whole Armour of GOD is requifite for his Defence ; the whole Power of GOD is neceffary for his Perfeverance andVidory. But., if the Son of GOD be inferior to the Father ; where is the Line ofInferiority to be drawn ? Who can fix a Point between that which is infinite and uncircumfcribed, and that which is fubor- dinate and derived? Fromwhence are the Ideas to arife of this Comparifon; and how can the Principle be fet- tled ? And if the Son mutt be inferior to the Father ; it would be right to determine (and it might be determined with much greater Eafe) how many Degreesfiiperior he is to an Angel ? But how are Deity and Subordination compatible ; unlefs upon the Plan of Heathenifm and Idolatry? The Inferiority of Godhead has certainly no Foundation in the facred Volumes. Thefe, conjointly, attribute the effential Glories of the Father to the Per- fonality of the Son, and reciprocate to each of the Per- fons thofe Titles, which exprefs the eternal Power, the infinite Exiftence, and the adorable Glories, of the Unity. They point out to tht Believer GOD in Ghrijt, t and Jefus in JExovAir, § as the alone Object of his Faith and Adoration. The Spirit of Truth hears witnefs with the Gofpel in the Believer's Heart, giving hire to know, tofee, and to handle (Perceptions that imply Affuranceof) the Word of Life ; and enables him tó have a bleßëd Fel- * Matth. xxv. g. f z Cor. V. 19. fi Eph. vi. 12. § John x. 38.