Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

146 ADONAI. LORD. lowfhip with the Father, and with his Son 7efus Chrifi. This is a Logic, which the carnal Mind cannot compre- hend : Its Mode of Reafoning is upon Principles that furely are not innate; and its Deductions are formed upon Prerniffes and Data, laid down in a Book Pealed and infcrutable to thofe, who have not learned, as it were, the Grammar ofHeaven. Bleffed be GOD, the Believer is not to roam in the- Dark ; but is privileged to know, in whom he bath be- lieved, and to whom he hath committed the everlafting Interefts ofhis Body and Soul. How fweet and delight- ful is it for him to reflect ; that the Lord hath laidin Zionfor a Foundation, a STONE, a tried Stone, a precious Corner-Stone, afure Foundation, on which he may build his Faith and Hope for a bleffed Eternity! How com- fortable tobe aífüred ; that yefus is this Foundation, this tried and fure Foundation, this chief and precious Cor- ner Stone ! § He that believeth in him fall never be con- founded: The Chriftian believeth, and depends upon GOD for the Fulfillment of his Promife. Being a lively Stone in the Lord's fpiritualHoufe, he knows that the Lord will guard his own, and preferve it fafe for ever. His own Strength, unaffifted and unprotected, would avail but little ; for, except the LORD keep the City, the Watchman waketh but in vain. The Knowledge of this does not make him remifs ; but it !hews him where his Strength lays. ¶ It (trips him of Confidence in him- felf, and it gives him a Confidence in GOD. " This . ridonai (lays a good Man) is our King, who governs and fupports us, and without whom we are but as the Duff or a Shadow. Whatever we are, that we are by him ; and it is by his Grace alone, that we have any Being at all. Nor is there a Crime fo impious, or abomi- nable, but into which, if we were left to ourfelves and GOD fhould take his hand from under us, we íhould . immediately fall." PASOR. Lex. in verb. This s r John i. 1-3. # Ifaiah xxix. ii. $ Ifaiah xxviii. 16. § Eph. ü. 20. II ¡Pet. ii. 5. SÌ Ifaiah xx. q... Heb. iii. 19. bleffed