Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

Ì M M A N Ú E L. 147 blefi`ed Covenant-Name AnoNAÍ fuggefts the Neceflity of reclining and depending upon JESUS CHRIST for a holy, believing, and comfortable Walk through Time ; and this the Believer knows to be the Way, though not the procuring Caufe, of his confummate Bleífednefs in Eternity. Chrift is\to him, what the Hinge is to the Door; the Foundation on which he reJk, and the Prin- ciple by which he moves. He depends upon him for Sal- vation, and he alts by him to Sanctification. Without Chrift he is nothing but Sinfulnefs, and can do nothing but Sin. Let thy Soul then (with the feraphic Pfalmift) waitfor the An0NAI more than they that watch for the Morning; * and furely, he that (hall come, will come, and will not tarry,-(- to bring forth the Top-Stone of his own Building, and to cry, Grace, Grace, unto it ! I M M A N U.E THEApoftle applies this Name to 7efus Chrifl, and tells us, that it lignifies GOD WITH Us.$ Thole Perfons, therefore, who choofe to doubt of the Divinity of our Redeemer, contradiEt an infpired Writer, and pervert the Meaning of a Title, which is too explicit and intelligible to be explained away. This Name ofChriji was firft communicated to Ifaiáh, when the People of Ifrael were in great Diftrefs, and forely befet by two very powerful Enemies. It was held Halm cxxx. Heb. x. 37. L $ Matt. i. z3. forth