Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

548 I M M A N' U E L. forth in a Promife, that the Meab fhould prevail over every Adverfary, and that the BIoufe of David, or his Re- deemed, fhould likewifeprevail through him. The Title, therefore, was given him upon this Occafion, to ex- prefs the Omnipotence of his Divinity z. And his People were tobear in their Minds, as a Sign or Token of their Security and Deliverance, that he was their omnipotent IMMANUEL, or, GODWITH Us.* It was a Subjeft for the Exercifeof their Faith ; and it was alfo aDeclaration of fovereign Grace, by which they might ftrengthen each other's, Hands, and fupport the feeble in Mind. It is blafphemous to fuppofe, that the Almighty could err in giving this Title; and rath to alien, that the Pro- phet applied it to the Mefah, without the divine Au- thority. This being admitted ; either 7efus of Naza- reth is not the promifed McJah ; or, being that McJah, he is alto IMMANUEL, the omnipotent GOD with his People. This Name isfo ftri tly affertive of the Divinity of our Lord, that there is no Subterfuge but that of the Jews ; which is, to renounce the New Teftament, and to deny him to be the Chrift. It is plain, then, from this as well as other Names, that whoever is Chrift, mutt neceffarily be the almighty and eternal GOD. Other- wife, the Terms in Scripture, would contradift them- felves. The ChriftianWorld could derive but little Comfort in one Part of this Title, were it unconne&ed with the other. As the Almighty AL, or EL, or Deity, He would be rather anObje& ofTerror andConfufion to guilty and offending Creatures; but, as the EL in Covenant, as GODWITH Us, he is the inexhauftible Source of Hope and Joy to thofe who believe. To be GOD with us, lignifies to be GOD in our Na- ture,t GOD engaged in our Behalf, and manifefted for our * Ifaiah vii. 14. t The Particle or will bear to berendered either in, with, or like unto. Thus rpm?, derived from the fame Root, lignifies proximus, Socites, a Companion, Neighbour, One like another, an Equalor Compeer. It