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The offices ofConfcience. ·55· man in our Image, after ov..r lik._eueffe) and let them Cap. 4 . h.zve-dominion over the ftjh of the fea ) and over - the fowl of tht ayre, and over the cattell, and ,over all the earth &c. So ibouldwe fay, Let me upon deliberation do ii1ch an .A{J after ft1ch ama'lner, to [rich an end. This is toAct' ac– . carding to confCience, and confequeiuly according to God. ' · ' Corollary 2. Whenawork or 11llion .is al– ready done, In [t~Bo i{fe, confcience is to dif– charge his two laft Of]iceJ of awitmft, and of a · Judge, tO accufeor ~XCUfe, to approve or re- . proye, and fo to paife fentence. Thus did , ~odafte; every dc;tyes work ~nifhed,, he re- .Vtewedhts tvorke, and fawwuh nmcn con– tent and fulnefs ofapprGbatioJ?,it was good; And at lafr, Gen. 1.3 I· G~d f6nv ev t ry thing. thdt hehad made, and behold it Wttl 'l'ery good : ·So.lliould we review all our actions before we pafle from them to new buGneffes. Let •thine eyes Iooft right on, and let thine rye-lids look flrait befiJre thee ; Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be eflablijhed, Prov. 4· ~5 ,26. Thereyouhave thefe two rutu, in the well learning and prallifi11g, whereof lies the chiefefr bu11nefie of Prallical confcience. Coroll. 3. \t\ihen a man ?,fleJ wilfully againft the t"R-'efirjl.Afl !,o~ Offices ofCon[citnce;viz.Mi1zifterall & Regal!; he commitl higpefl fin, , ~nd dr~tws on the greateft guilt. Maxima 'V iota– till Colffcienti£ maximum peccatum. Ah1ef. \V'hat made the fin of the lapfed Angels unE 4 pardon