Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

., I 'lhe ojfteestJf Confcienc~~. Cap. 4· pardonable ? but becaufe they went againfi · ., .:. a full and clear light of a fully informed - -- confcience, anddivinely irradiated under– ftanding : Their fin hadmany ingredients of that fin againfidteholy Gh9{f in it, beiEg com– mitted againfi clear light~much receivedgrace., with full confent of will, having much of malice in it; therefore no wonder it became unpardonable. And whence is it that the fin a- · gainfr the holy Ghofr, is that :Gn unto deJtth, hath no more Jacrijice for it, but becomes eternally unpardonable, but becaufe it is ~~~,~;~~~:ever perpetra~eda~d corhmitted in deJPight o{ conflunee, agamfi h1s moft clear and ftrongefi convi8:ions) and againfr the mofi perempto– l'Y checks, and diik nting reftraints of 'the 'aw:'l~emdand enlightened confcience?Nothing heightens fi n fo fafr; confciencemay fay, Ifi had not cot-ne unto you, you had no fin: If I hadnot done my Office faithfully, you had fome cloak,_ for your fin, which now you have not. This makes iJns o_f knowing :r_nen, greater then of ignorant : Englands fin grea... ter then the Jndies, Jud4s' 1 perfidioufneffi wor[ethetl Sau!J perfecutirms. The one did it ignorantly, and therefore obtained, mercy. . - The other hadno cloak for his fin ; Chrift IT;m. 1 · 13 gave him warnin,g by the fop, all took no– tice; he r r plyed upon con!ciences enforcing, 11 'it I ? Andhe therefore dieda fon ofperdi... tirm, Becaufe he livedand per fi fkd a fan ofcon• 'l!if1ion : 7biJ is the fervant who (ball be beaten with manl Jfripu, L~I~. 12•47· To him th~t k.._~wet.h