Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

~ 8 The office.r of Confcience. ,Cap. 4· ence he cannot run; To death he, Fall . - ... on me; to hell, bury me, fo I may be hid from ~--- fight of confcience ; heftrang/uhimfetf, be- , caufe he could not ftraT?g leconfcience; intohell he leapes, ttot longer able to abide hinndf; and indeed, if there were !lilY place inhell, where this Apollyon.of det!roying confcience came oot, intoit W(mld all the dammdget to ea(ethernfelves. Hell were not hetl, ifraging confcience ruled not ·there; if this worme couldl{:ver die, might then bequtm:b.. rd. Judadmng himfelf, to eafehimfelf: but theR was de-ath dnd leeJl-caff into the lak_e of fire, Revel.2o.14. He at firfr qrake the necft of con– fcknce, that at lafr brake his mJc~; he had fi'ranglt'd ·giJod conf.ciertce, an ill confdence ,l.trangJed him ; and helng dead, all his bfJwe!( fell out of lliobody, becaufe all his.confcienct :Mat. tr. 11 fell out of his bowels while he was alive. subijcia!ur Tocondude this Corollary: Thewt'ack_of forpu1_in__ good con~ci.en~e is .the fad4e0: fb_-ipwr"ac~ for J:&n~, m .1e pama damm, It Is \he gFeat~ lolfe; And the ;~:~::;:~~; racft Qf a,I, ill ccnfciencei; the fuarpdl: rack ibuJ '/anie- for jJ.rRna {en{m, it is the greatefi pain; Not all t~r, equuleo from witbou! doth fo defile a man, (}4 that from dz[ie~datur, within ; nor all from without doth fo torment g~a_fzo tru• a man~ as that from W·ithin. AH the windts quetur,tru. bl .r. "· b d ' . fi 1 (uf'plicio utrermg a roa about our ears, pame u-s 11[jligtrur, not ;but a lit tle windeenclofed in the bowels, fcrur~ e.rit how much doth it tormt nt, and ,put -the bo- · crmfcrenna. dy into the extreamefr pains? Ail 'troubles Bern. de r. . h r.l d · 4 inr. dom. rromWit out are call y uh ergone, It conc. 22 • fcicnce be found: But the wau,.zded JPirit wh() Fro.18 ·14. can bear ? HefballJlet from the ifaTJ weapon)anr.J .· , the