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The officesof Confcience. 57 ftnoweth to d? goud, rmd dotb it not, to him i1 is Cap. ·4· · ~ , fin, ;am. 4 .J7· . ...,.__ Corollary 4· When a man lies mzder the ·~ - lafh if confcience, in reft.el1 of hi1 two lafi offices, . viz. teflimoniall, and judiciaJJ, he lies undeF · thegreateft mijery. Maximw angor confcientite Dr. Amcg.· ma~ima pama. Then the worm never dying Mar. 9·44. devours him; the lire ever burning (the fire - . not bio'tren ) takes holdof him; CainJ mar~ is Io6· 20 • 26• upon him; His punifhment is greater then he · can bear. This is the firft wot, and the hell ' - -on earth : for Ret'el. I.J8. there is a hell befo re death, and Kevel. 20. :r 4· an hell before th~ lak!,offire. . , · . How fearfi1ll was HerodJ cafe, to begiv€n up t o wormes to eat him alive l Infinitely · more dreadfull to be given up to this wormof confcien ce to be eaten up both alive, and d~d. How dolefull a fight is i; to feeaW9/ft, or a Cancer,on the womans tender breafi,ever gnawing, and ftinging, never! But a. worfewolfis the gnawing,and,accufingcon'"' ·fcie~ce. No jitJ of convulfzon fo tearing, and pulling, and racki.Qg, as convulfiou fits ofcon- · jCie11ce; noulcer in the bladder, or bowels fo p~infi11I as the exulcerated con[cience. · , See this in JudtH, now brought to a fight of his fin, and fenfe of his mifery, he is like 1fa·S7· :o~ theraging (ea that cannot reft; Out he cries, I havefinned\ takeyour money) ithathdam~ ned me; from perfo·n to perfon,. from place to place he goes, but his hell he carriuwiti him ; from the terrour and fring of confci... encc