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/ Theg11Jd Confcience of Faith;~ Cap. 5· - .· . , CHAP-. V._ ' - offt1Jer4llgoodconfcienceJ' inparticular, Nndftrfi ofthe confoience in which · Faith is. HAving hitherto treat'd ofthegoodcon~ _ fcience ingenerall,we~all now defcend to -ipeak ef fome Part,ic4iars> and give you ~ ~ ,in the ·(C:verall j'rms, and befl .bJndu ofgood · · <;onfCiences, that are to be found in all the Sciptures commended to us, that whenyou fee_ fuch an on.e, you may know a go6d con– fcience againc, and fay there ·goes a good cosfdcnce. Ten particulars I ihall recom- 'ten good mend to you, and after1pea~e ~omewhat to col'lfcienctS-each of them. Their names are, 1.. The con– !ai~ .down fcienceofFaith. 2. OfPurity. 3· OiSinceriry. Jn 'nptur~ 4· The Vnojfenfive confcience. · 5. Thewell- · _ji~hted cQnfd~nce. 6. The .we]l-JPoken con... fdence. 7· The flon.efl-handed confcience• . ·g~ The Tmder confcience. 9·· Th·ePaJJi7;e or Hardy confcience. lo. The confcience of Charity. · The firft and mofr excellent confcience, is T~con• that in the T ext)the good confcience offaith. , fc1~nce of This onely makes a good confcicnce ; Nor fault. can all the t>ther nine make it fuch without d1ls. It is impoffible that any thing, or per– fon !hould be good, and pleafc: Godwith~ ~ut faith Heb. I I. 6. Precious faith makes the COJ;l•