Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

· The Confcitnce ofFaith. · 61 confcience ofgrtat price. It i;-~h~1~tore very Cap. 5· obfervable, that in three places of this Epi- --~ file . The Apofile joynts faith a11d ,be goodrcn- [cie~ce togethe~, !Jiz. cap. I. v. 5· &v. 19. & ·cap.;. 9· Indeed they cannot be parted. 1he life offaith is ever boun~ up in the life and bumlleofgood confcience. 1here is no good faith;, where not good confcience; nor yet good confcience, where true: faith wanting; where you fee the one, looke andyou {hall tinde the other.Thefe two are like the Churches twobreafluCant. 7· 3· compared to' ' 'two young Roes that are twins, that are , bred O(nd fed, and grow, and thrive,and decay, and live, and dye together. The befi Gold, and this Edeltyum of a good confd· ence is no where tc be found, but in theHa- G , ., vilah ofFaith. Faith it is which purifyes the ,m ..:..~~ he&rt, Afr.. 1 5•9• and mends the confcience; The Tree of Life: only grows inParadife; . good confdence onely in Faiths Garden. , Faith i£ the g race and iheafc:, To which ail other graces and fl1eafs rnufr bow , and d() . their obry(ance: This ca1ls h~r crown at the ·feet of Chrifi, therefore they all fet their crowns on the head of this. Faith mends, and comn1ends every thing; Faith givfs be– ing, denomination, and acceptation to eve.;. ·ry Gofpel Grace, andc1Jmjort, and duty. No love withopt Faith, Gal. ).6. Phil. V•)• No DhedietJce but obedience of Faith; Rom•. I.•5• & 1 6-. 2 6.No Repentancewithou~ Faith,Mar o 1o 15• fo f•itb ~nd p~~.tience. Hcb.6. 1 2, Faitband ho}'