Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

I I ']:he jincere Confcief!ce; -''·· (;ap. 7• CreatHre., the work of thy hands). I am[a/t~d ----tl'ith the fait of the Sanf1uary , I eat the Lords "--- --~ bread, wear his given clothes, breath in his ayre,dwell in his Tenement, he gives me lod– ging, living, breath, being, andall I have, 1muft be tree to his intereft, I mufr not be :blent at, or tmffnfi ble of his difhonour. All mineart thine [aid our Saviour, and thine are' mine. Any hypocrite will fay and make good , tbe latter,all thine are mine; all wil confent to take away Tuum, but fincerity takes away Meumnot Tuum between God and·hi111. All mine is Gods) faith he, as to fubordmate all to . him, improve all for him. All God1 iJmine, •s to be folicitoHr for his things as for myown, 'yea above my own ; not hi.r are mine to be filb- {ervient and fubordinate to my ends, as the hypocrite t'lith, Da mihi fallere, Lord let me make ufe of thy Name and Honour, and C aufe, and Interefr, and Servants and Scrip– tures to build my ownhoufe, and fo attain ·my own ends. But, faith he, all mine is thine, Lordferve thy felf ofmeand nline;all myparts, ·:fludies, i ntere.frs, abilities, defignes, ayms are , .for thee, and for thy ferv ice. Thus in all your aB:ions if you would have · comfort in them , you omit confider with what confc~ence you do them ; fo much of ·con(cien(,:e as is in your actions, fo much of to1.p[ort; and fo _much of fincerity, fo much of confcience ;, and fo much regard to your principles, to your rule, toyour end, fo much ··you may conclude of fiTJcetil). And fo mu~