Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

The jincere Confcience. 91 .- Vv-het~ ym~ fee t-tvo n~en .travelling togeth~r,Cap. 7.. and a Spaniell folJowing, you know not -•• •• .whofe he is till they part; then he leaveth the .one, and follows his mafter alone; it was f~r .his mafiers fake he went at all with the other; ,no tryall while our way, and Gods lie toge... · ther, their parting tryes our fincerity. · 3· Obferve the endyou aym at; God is the Chrifrians end, and his glory his aym; the hypocrite makes himfelfhis own end, and fo Zacb.7. ,;~ himfelf his own God ; He eats to himfelf, drinks to himfelf, fafieth to himfelf, andfrill hath that property of the empty vine~ he bea"' reth fruit to him[elf, Hof. 1 o. 1. Yon never finde . an hypocrite without a defigm,\what ever his aB:ions are; hehath adefigne a's his end, and · himfelf is the ultimate and great defign. · The fincere man is the man who is engaged · to no defigne in the world but qne, h. e. GBds honour, and here you finde him intent:, fedu– lous, and immovable, and he ,is frill tender of any dif-fervice done to God, as thofe officivur informers,Ezra 4·14· were of their mafiets;and ' upon the fame account , we have our mainte– nan'ee (fay they) from the Kingt palace ; a~e ·fatted with tbe fait of the palace, the Original hath it; therefore it is not meet for us to fee the King1 dijhonour, therefore wehave fent to certi– fie.the King. We are the Kings creaturu, fay they, eat the Kings falt, have our falary front · thr. King, theretore we muft be true to ou,~r· trufr. Much more faith the godly heart, I hav~ 'plYdepmdance who~~on God, l am thy v.qj .. · · (;~eature,