Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

" The Epiflle Dedicatory. , a fplendor ~nd brightneile behind (as the Sunwhen fet) continue intmortabzed in our Englifh Hifiory andchronicles tq all -Pofl:erity. " · . · Your Lordilii p is· thehead ofa great Family, and the higheft Branch ofa nu– merou3 name, all whofe fbetJves dowil.. r ., lingfy . your Lordibips fbeaj; as gh~dly andwillingly as Jofe'phs Brethren dja to him, accounting themfelves·Ho– nourednot fo much inyour Lordiliips Ilonour, a£ flonuurablenejfe, and h<?nour--. ing younot fo much for your Great and HighBirtb, as Greater lndHig~erwilrJh a?d aprroveq {incerity in the(e trying t unes. R rmr>r eft , h.-moraltt u, Henorabi · fit tU bono· rd. My Lord, Hold fafithat youhave re~ ·ceived: fecure you~ Faith, ard you fc– cure yourfoul: Secure your Confcience, 'and y.ou feeure your Honour, yta your . R~v .3 . u . crowne. Then you fhall not be fhahJn withany fhak.jngs, nor afraid ofany ttmazement. _ That your Lordiliip maydo worthily' inEph,ratah, and your name~nd Fdmily be famou~ in Ifrael, as it is,all the aime r1nd ambition of this ,enfuing T reatife ; fo it is and fhall be the Prayer ofthe Au– thor) who Cf3YiQg your Lordib~ps par-~ . . doo