Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

The Epiftle Dedicator;. farewel all togethflr,farewell ~a true R.e– ligion : Yea take but awaypart of Con– (cience,and yout~keaway ~lJ ? take but away one.!Jllilble~ andwhat ts fimplefci- .· et~ce good for without con~ to fuew that it is 1,10t fcience but c~nfcience that makes t,heChrifiia':};and no confoitnce but that which is etztireaf!d ~tpt 'IJJho/e that Qla... keth the happy Chrifiian. . YourLorajhip is defcendedof Noble and trulyHouorable Progenitors; high· lyHonoured for their Greatnej[e; highly Beloved fortheir ·rouodnej]e; their Guod11ejfo fuiningeminently in the difcoveljes oftheir Religiun, LOJillt;·, Valour, and 'A– Oiveneffi to ferve their Country in the greateftperils. They were to.Truth Pot• trons, toReligionOrtJ411Jentt, to Peace · 'Champions, fighting her Battel'S (when , fhe was in danger)both by fea an,d lapd; and to their Country Dear and Cordial Patriots; fome ·of,them nat loving their lives to the Deatb, haveJacrificed tbem to thefervice oftheir Cluntry.Their.pe1fons ·thro,ugh . the lufire of th(:ir Virtues and Heroick aetions ihone,out in their high– ·er and greater Orbs, while they lived; and their preci<;>us Names and memory ' ' (though.themfelves withdrawri)leaving A 4 ' a 'I