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94 .The i'nojfenjFve Confciente~· Cap 8. 1. We muft chiefly take heed of giving of.;.. ... fence to God. This is the principall care ofa I. Inotfen · confcientious perfon, I exercifemy {elf to have f~econ- · alivafa confcience void of Offence to ·G'od. What· f~tence ww.e it if we did fo carry our felves that all gtves no · !h Id r. · k 'Il ' ·r · d h · oftence to men . ou 1 pea we o us, an t at we God. were as much in the worlds books. for ami- ..ablenes and irioffenfivenefs, as ever weteTitur or Traj.:~n or any other ? yet ~ebegin at the: wrong end, · if we did not fludy more to be Without offence before God. It u meet to be faid toGod, I have bornecha[fifem~nt' I will noe offind, faid Elihu, Job 34·3 I,j 2. That· which I foe not, teach thou me; · and if I have done ini-. -quity, I will do no mwre. j · · ObjeU. But who can fay he lives without offence-giving toGod ? For in many thi1:lJ!/ we . fin all, Jam.: 3.2. Who b(!oweth how oft he doth. _offend? · &c. Pfal.If). . . · _ Anfw. None livetb_indeed withoutfi,,yet forne are without offence. Becaufe i. This in- - offcnfive perfon frriveth to prevent offences, he 1 ]o.s.xs·.' ~epeth himfelf,he takes up purpofes, Pj'al. I 7}· • . . , : l. I am .purpofed that my mouth (hall not offend, fatd .. ., •. , · ' ' David~ He hath integrity in his purpofes ever, ' · ·· although ;he may Jail !bott in petformances ·· fometimes~ , 2· ·He is counted i110ffenGve, becai1fe for · what is pa{f,. what was an ofierice to God, is now an offence to him ; if in any thing God was difpleafed with ' him before' he is now difple.ateawith him(elf for ~t :, ' w~at w~s a. burden to Godbefore, is now his burden , · Ephraint