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/ -- Tbe inc!fenjve Confcience. 95 _,.- I • . •• I ~ lphraim was ajhamed and confounded,.Jer.3 I .I9. Cap. 8. Job did abfgor himfelf, Job 42.6. The truly... _ _ penitent do ever loath the~Jelves, Eze. 6.9. & 36.31 . Now when our fin begins to be matter of offence to us, it ceafeth to be matter of offence to God} when it becomes the objeCl: of our i ndignation 2 Cor.7. I I. itis no more matter of pro·{)ocation to God. In this refpect , the penitent is accounted without offence. . . ,3· When for time to come he is carefull t<.l break off his fin byRepentance, and faith as befdre, Job 34· 3 I ,3 2. I will ojfind no more;that whi6h I fee not, teach thou me; andif I have done . iniquity, I will do 11.0 more. This is the high«!: inoffeniivenefs we can here attait unto, Job 40.4.). Behold I amvile~ faith Job to God, what Jball I anfwer thee ? I will lay my hand uponmy mouth ; Oncehave I jpok.$n, but I will not · anfwer, yea twice, but I will proceed no furthe~ \Vhen a man harh throughly fmarted w-idtgodly forrow for fin,and faith I will venture I no further for a world ; what fruit have I now of all my former vile ways but ibarile? I will turn from all my fins , and become a ' I -.I new man;this man is accounted anen-offonder, R.f.'o. 21 all his fini !ball benomore (o much aJ mentioned · - I ~ohim; I But ht Jballlive ~n hi1 righteoufnefJ where• Jnhemwwa~tb, Ezek.I8 .21,22. . 4· He is fa id to live without offence to God, · who refolveth rather to offend all the world (pafsi'l.lery) then to offendGod afl:ively. If they b~offended, let them be offended, faith he: Ifthey t~K<:offenfie.l i~ b ~hei.r un~ JJ.O~ ,mine, fo th~~ .., - - . • • • • I GolA