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rhe inoffe1fftve Confcience~ tot heed leafl.byan1 meanu thu lib~rty if yBurs b.ecomeCap. 8. ·" fll!mbltngbloclvo them that are TJ?ea~;for ifany ;_ .....,. ·m{In fee thee which haft k.._mwledge , fit at meat in -----t.'l3 the Ido/J Temple, fhall _not tbe confcience of him ·»:hicb i1 weake, be imboldened to eat tbofo thing.r which areoffiredunto Idols? Confider' we rnuft who looke on J and what interpretatipn may bemadeofour aCtions, and what hurt may bedone byour example ; leaft as Tertulli'an faid, we do tediftcare in Exitikm, or as o ther~ fay, .edijicare in Gehmnam. If Peter lead not rigl~t, Barnabar mayunawares follow into a _.- dangerous wayofdiffimulation, Gal . 2. I 3· · 6. Takehee~of being regardlejJe of other mens Cenfuru andOpinions of U.S 1 and Of- Caut. ~~ Jmce-ta~ing at u~; fay not, If they be offended> 'let them beoffended. This is to be cruell to our felvu, to our Brethren, yea to C~rift, 1 Cor: 8. I 2. Whenyeu fin againft -your Brethren, and wrmud their weak,_conjCie~ce,you fitJ againft Chrift.· . . Rather fay with the Apoftk, Who is weak!, ~Cor.n ·~9. ~nd lam not wea~~,_ or fick '? and fay, 1¥ho it of- . fended (throughmy default) and 1 burne not> as with griefeandhorrour? It is not afligh• pr fingle, but a. great ana double, yea treble :finne,faithPareus, I Cor.8.12. when wee fo flight and grieveour Brother. Tria mala cumulat, faith he. Arid Chryfoftom fhewes how (uch ~1n againfr Chrift in a threefold refpeB: :' Vno__,mado quodqu~ [ervu fismt, Ckri{fut pro info · fallit imputat; qui v.JJ'JPer?iit ~ meJPernit; AltertJ ' ~uod inCorpur ejur..Jtev1uni qui membra percut~~ urzt; Saule,Saule, q_u'!~ m~ pcrfoqueris.? Ttrti~ H3 - quod·