Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

l o~ 'Ihe inoffenfive Confcie~ce: -Cap. a. qWJci opm Chrijfi quodpropria mortg ·abfolvit, ij ~ .,propri.aambitione deflruunt, ~mJe ne cibi cau[ti >!:::· · · ··· "'::': 4eftrue opU1 Chrifli inquit Apoflolur. :f. They pn againfi: Chrift, faith he,becatJfeCbrift doth 1·eckon as done to himfelfe, w~atf<;>ever is done to any (ervant to that, He which deJPifethyo~, dejpifeJh me. 2. Becauf~ theyofferviolence to'hi~ body'·who ht~rt an; of his members, ~ccotding to that, Sau!\ Saul, whyperfecutefl thoume I A~d 3. Besaufi ~hofe d~fir{)y that for which Chrifi died; ac corhling to that, For n~eat c(eflroy not the work._e ~ God, Rgm.~4· 20, · · · . 2. To prevent givingof Qffe~ce? certai~· :Ruluare tobe given, as firft ~ . I. Confider ever what is e~pedient, ~swell as knqwwhat o~ce is lawfuU, 1 Cor.. 6~ I 2. & IO• 23 . .All tbings 4re la'R![uU 2 but all things ar( 1/0t exp.edi'ent, · · . ~ Rule~ to 2. CouGd~r ~~t onely wha·~ is ~~~fitl~ he obfer· but what 111ay edij1-e or offend; that wh1ch 1 v,e~· · goodand lawfull i11; its ow~e nature, btin~ inconfi derably4one, m~y b~ offe~five: AI thh1gs are ltrW[ull, but all edifte n~t, I Cor. IO. 23 . Let .,u thing-t be do?Z.~ to ediftcatioT,J, I 9or' 14.26. . ~ - . - 3. TheApofrlegives athirdRule to. avoyd Qffepce-giving,_ 1 Cor. 10.24. Let no man fee~ h.u or:pne, b:ut rvery erze ~nother1 w.ealtl?. This gol.., qen Rule well opfervep~ 'W\H~td ~ake ~1s hap~ py ~ apd. our times ~appy, at pnc~ freeing th~ Chnrch frqn~ many cal~Qlitie~,and o~Ir ieJ~ei ~Q~ w.~ch ~~ilt ip 111a.~~e1· of9ffe~c~S· A- ~ .