Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

':(he inojfinftve Confcien-ce.- - · · ! e; . ·~hem, though I donot pleafe them , then to·Cap. ·a );liafetliem,.if ,I I_llayno~fave t~~m. 0~ that; · • ·wehadmany fuch exarnpl~s In thefe times ,! So I Cor.9.I9,Z0 .2l)2::2,z3. thefailleApofH~ .tds us how mtich he ftudied to ·Be made all: .. , iiJingr til 411men' that he might by allfaire mea11.r ftJ'l!e fame; for by foule meartes o~violence we !hall fove none; but lofe all. By this art the Gofpell was firfrpropagated; by this plaine~ 'inoffenfive, amiable, and winning carriage~ · ~ery Gentiles were overcome to the imbr:t·-' · dngofthe Truth. But our (elf-pleafing hatb .. \.mdone all. Ho~much need have we to pray for the Chrifiians of our times, as Pa«l did for theRhilippians, Phil. 1~ g,ro. '1hat your love tn~ abound ink(?owledge, and in all judge-.. ment,tbatye may approve thing! that are excellent,' thatye may be fincere, andwithout offeme· to the_ 4ay o[Chrift• . 6 Rule. If thou wouldefl: fometimes not give.otfence, thoq mufr be willing to depar~ With thy owne right, Mat. 15. 2 7. Notwith~ ~ flanding that the children are free, ytt leaft w~ ' fbould affend.them, faid our Saviour, go thou tfJ the fta, and caftan hoo~e, andta~up theftjh tha~ ftrfl cdmeth up, and -gheo tho.u haft opened b~ mouth, thou Jhalt ftnde a piece of m(Jnl) ; tha~ gibe unto them for me and thee. · 2. Not to the wic~d, or to thofe that are . Without, mufi we give anyoccafion of of- 2 fi b b h 1 1 f. . n0t gtve .ence; ut remem er t at ru e, Co o . 4.. 5· offence to Wallz~ i~ wifdome toward them that are without. wicked l,.~y n~~ ~ ftq111~ling ~lo~k before the face ofmeu~ . ·- . . -· ~qe