Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

104 · f(he tnojfenfl~e. Confcielice, Cap. . 8~ lorva Chrlfria~ ~11d ze~lot;s fpir!t,. a~ a~g;.; - ment rather ot ~mabJect a:pd _fcrvile fpti'lt'(~ Ha. 42 .1 .2 I:Ie makes ,tl~is duty more co!llmendable, ,b~~ !t11:·•2 • 1 8fetting dowi1efoine ~xampl~s: l· The :[i:.?C'"!O ampleof Chrift~ Ron1.I)·3· ForroenChrift Je~ [u.rpleafetlnoN5imfelf; He didnotflripe, nor t;rj~( nor diffent, nor divide. It is therefore no ~if-{ par~gement to you , whofoevcr yo"!l are. 2. He propound~ his ownt example; 1 Coi.– I o, 3i· and lhewes his compliapce fo far a$,~ wewould beap~ to mif-interpret the like iqr' ~riother, Evenq~ I platfoallrrte';--, inall thing,J.~ Here are twoall.r:. bothofwhich govery far;<~. flriye to imitate him : Yet w1th thefe two re~l forvations, That thou be ~ot fit~h ·a man-plea-:f' fer as cca~eth to be the ferya'~t of Chrift~ell Gal.!. 10. vzz. 1. The one ncgattve, I plea(e all men inall tbin;r.1, not [ee~ing my owneproftt.l 2' f\s if fome fhould fay, Paul, you area Poli...ar1 ~itiar1, andyouknow how to infillllate intqU ~ens goodopinions, you lofe nothing by that.l . ~ay,[clith Pau!, I haveno defignei~ theearth1 0 1, ln ~t; I looke not (lfter oqtw~rd profit anq~J' ~ommodity ; I lovke bigher. Therefore he· ?-dds the fecopd Pofitive Rejerve, That they may~i· be faved. q. d. I plea{e ~1o man by (oothing · him in hh evill way; I comply not witq1 :p1cn, fo as that they beftrengthene~ in theirZr finncs: But my courfe is with all, (o to fee~oJ: ~o j.l've them , ~s tl~at alfo I maypleafe them ; P :rpd fo to fee~e tq pleafo tb?m, as that alfo ~h1 ~nayfove them , but ifI cannot bothp.leafo an~ve' (ave them, I' {bill then fhtdy rathe:r tp fave. "' · , · ,, · · · · , · -· ·, .... · ' · · · ·them . . ' ' ·· ~