Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

The inoffenjive confcience.· .107 , 2~ Wee are to diil:inguiih of the matter Cap. 8. whence an offence is taken ; an indifferetJt ___..._ action we m1:1.y forbeare to prevent offence,- _::::::::s taking, but a·nece§lflry dKty i~ not to beomitted, or truth to be fupprefied , to avoid all the worlqs offences:· Let thy rye and aCtions begood, although their rye and interpretation be evil!. Nihil boni aut liciti eft omittenrlumpro... pter fcandalum acceptum hominum PharifaictJ intenioprttditorum. Ames de conf.l.) ,c. I I. And !earned Camere, Scandalum qufJd oritur e~r~-. bur fer fe b(jnif & necejforiif 'non licet evitare., quianon e(ffaciendummal,em ut eveni.$t bonum. Etpoflea, Itaque ut mlixime tumultueturmundut, tamen omnia, etiam extrema qu~que fubeuNd~ - font ut flet illibata Dei gloria. Vide plura in Jo.Cam. Pr~le&in M~t.r8.v.·7· z. We muft take heed that we do not of- 2 Not·of• fend our felves ; man is bound to fludy felfe- fend out .. prefervation. If thy eye offind thee ~, .pluck._it out, feive 5 ' · Mat.I3·~· Asthereisonekindeof bafe and unworthy Jelf-love, ftlf-fee~ing, folf-pleajing, felf-preftrring, [elf-fearing, &c. [o there isalfo a.nother noble and religi.ous, .and mofr necef~ fary felf-love~ felf-pleafing, and felf-prefer.- . ring, viz. when I more regard ~ what my confcience ca]s for, that I may fatisfie my duty, and keep in with IDJ f~lfe, rather then togratifie a~houfand requefrs. But my [elf ... pleafingiD:uJl: pever be to t:he prejudiceof ana .. ther : ThiS is the worfr difeafe of all, in thefe worft of tinies. Chrift came to fet a manat , v~~ia nee with f~her a~d mother, but neve.r · · witq