Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

JC8 I ' 'lhe inoffi?~Jive Confcience. ·Cap. 8. with himfelf. ,Next to the f~vour of God_, . -- labour to continue in thy own favour and good opinion ; Let .not thy mn heart reproach thee within, wh0fe tongue foever may a.. bro~d. Take heed of going ove~-far in a way of ferving men ; heap not coals of fire _: on thy head, to do any man a kindnefs; bet- - . te,r offend all the world then thy own felf. Gods fervants have found it an eafiematter to do or filffer any; tp forgo_, or im- ·dergo every thing, fo they might not offen~ felf, ,andhave Confcience d~fiaited. FJavia– nUI Clemenr, a Favorite in Do11}itit~nr Court, had fo mu_ch interefi in the Emperors efreem, that he conferred high~ft Honours upon him, · and intended to makehis Son his Succeifor - -in the Empire ; but blelfed F~avianur rather then he would-give offence tohis confdence in the matter of his Religion, was content to bear the turning of the Emperours great love into e:xtream hatred, fo 01s he hated hini to .death , and o.ppreifed his whole h.oufe. 7heodoret reports of Hormifda aNobleman ia Perfia, w.ho becaufe he would not wound his confcience in conforming to the Religion of the Court, was put into r01gged cloaths, de– prived of all his Honours , and fet to keep Camels: After a long time, t~e King feeing him in that bafe condition, and calling t<> minde his former efiate,pittie~ pim, brought him to the Palace, and caufeth him to be cloathed like a Nobleman agaip, and then per!wadfshini to deny Ch.rift. He prffently · , rends