Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

I I o . ~he inoffenji'l!eConflience~r Cap. 8. ry; yet all theie o ffences were taken without ., ... _ .. cauje,nonewithout fin. ~.From . 2• FromGod1 way; when the ftony ground Gods way. hath received the feed, it fpringeth hp immed~ately, but uot having rr;ot er moifture is f:or• ched with of the fun, Mat. 13.2!. Such are thofe hearers who at firft receive the Wordwith joy and much forwardndfe, but when they fee theLyon in the way and Tribu– lations arife, thry are offendedat the way, and thegofpel and at Chrifl himfelf; ·a1id are like that impotent and paffionate ,widow who was content to entertain the Prophet when . ~ file and her fon might live upon him ; but _when her fon was dead, ibe was offend€d .with th: Prophet ; What ha·ve I to do with tbfe, oh tbfl uman of God l ,4rt thou come 'to call my fin to i'irnembrance, and flay my fon ? 1 King. 17· 18-. . . . . . . ~·From 3· From ·Godr people; and theirweaknefs; ~ods peo• fo far as either to condemn their perfons' or· p e. diili~e their profefsion. Wa to the world beca~Jfe of pffit:~ces on both hands, MtJt.I8.). Giving too much jufi-o·c£~fion of offence to , tlie godly, and again taking too much occafion ofofffnce (but unjuftly)at the.godly; it's} m– po{iible but offences will come from fome hands, but w;er a tboufand to him from whofe hand ' they come mttitorioujly ; and as m~ny woe.r ' again to him that taketh fuch an offenceat a particular perfon, or at a partiCular mif- . carriage in one perfon> to rejett aud con... ~ernn a whole profefJi~n.· True