Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

The inoffenfi'Ve Con_fcience. . .. _.., -109 ' ' .. . -- rends his illken cloaths,and fays, Iftor theie Cap. 8· , you think to have me?en:r my Faith, take- .. - -.– .them acrain·; and fo With itorn he 'Was -cafi flUt. I~ was '(hig-h exprefsion of Zuingliu(.; . ~ar non aportet mortu prtt-eligere,·quod nonfop-:- pticium potiuJ ferre, im'o in qu.1.m profundam inferni abyJJum non }ntrare ·quam contra c'on{cien:- · tii:im attuftari? • ' . - · .. . ~· The other part of inoffen.fivenef.ds that 2 ; Wt! we be not apt to-taJte offence. ·This is that x~- muft not xon9mt' 'Ram. I~ 29· tranflated malignity, be for– which Ariflotle ~defineth a taking of every w~d tf thing in theworft fenfe. A Nabal-likedifpo- }~n~tt~ ~ fitiou, 1 8am. 25.17· 'Mo'fum afperitatem ao ' if]icultatem [O?Zat. Erafnms. · - ·- . . There is as niuchdang€r oft of ta~ing!of.. nee unjufrly, as of giving, a_s 1 \_I. ·Fr01n G_od, who cari never giveany:. y~t Gbr~ft pronouncethMat. I I .6. himable(rqd~Jrom ·man that fuOuld not byonenfeans or other, · be·ejfinded inhim: Therefore·is Chrifi called in the worlds-fenCe lapi1 offindiculi;a fione·of futinbling androck·of offence, Rom·9·?3· y~a all the ·dijciples wenat once offended-at h-iiJl, Mat.26.3 I. Some have taken offence at hi$ ~ perfon,Ifa.) 2.1 2. &53•3. Someat his dotirine; Mat.15.12. SomeathisParentt, Mat.. I3·54, 57· Some·at his.Difciplu and followerJ,Mar•. 2. 16. Some a.t his ·life, Mat. n. I 9· Some· at bis death, ye-a, .almoft all at the lgnominyof his·death and ~roffi, I c.,r. I. 2;. ButJPe prea~h Ckrifl crucified t~ ·the Jef¥1! a flumbling bluck,; '!nd~~ th~ Grce~s fo~lijhneJJe ~ T~ ~~~ ~nfavo;. · .-,.,; - ·